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    We at Time Internet Malaysia are prepared to give you the fastest and most stable Internet networks in Malaysia. Our Time Internet Plan Malaysia can go up to 1Gbps in speed and are 100% fibre; ensuring an incredibly fast and stable Internet connection for all users. What’s more, we also guarantee seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with the implementation of our Wi-Fi Booster, and promise expert installation of our Internet packages into your home. Delivering the Greatest Essential of Our Time

    At Time Internet Malaysia, we offer 3 different Time internet plans Malaysia that are each tailored accordingly to different needs. Our Time 100mbps plan for RM99/month is a standard for those who love to use the Internet, while our Time 500mbps plan for RM129/month is perfect for those who use more than one device. Finally, our bestselling RM199/month plan is ideal for anyone who wants or needs fast Internet.

    We at Time Fibre offer 2 different packages (Retail plan for RM 138/month and Office plan for RM 218/month). Both packages are tailored for large businesses that run on intensive, complex processes, ensuring that all your online work practices are operating smoothly via a fast and reliable internet plan.

    Time Broadband Malaysia will take just 1 to 2 days to apply, and about 5 to 7 days to arrange the installation. The entire installation process will vary depending on the complexity of the layout of your condo, but on average it should take 45 minutes to 2 hours.

    The installation process for Time Broadband package Malaysia will be free for Malaysian Citizens. However, foreign citizens will be required to pay a deposit of RM500.