24-month contract*

Basic Internet Speed Support




24-month contract*


Smooth Steaming – Suite for TV box, Gamer, 4k Video, Family time enjoy




24-month contract*


High streaming – for 6k Video, Gamer, Stable internet Speed Support

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Download Speed100Mbps500Mbps1Gbps
Upload Speed100Mbps500Mbps500Mbps
PriceRM99/month RM139 RM129/monthRM199RM149/month
Promotion-RM10 OFF x 24 monthsRM50 OFF x 6 months + FREE MESH WIFI
Contract24 months
Router ModelHuawei HG8145V5 TP-Link EC440
VoiceTIME Voice Home Basic

TIME Voice Home Lite*

FREE 30 mins/month
worth RM149
TIME Voice Home Max*

FREE 300 mins/month
worth RM149
Voice calls are charged at a rate of 10sen/min to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries.Click here for the full list of IDD call rates.

Why Time?

Fastest Speeds

Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.

100% Fibre

Only a full-fibre network can ensure higher speeds and better stability.

Seamless Connectivity

Focus on your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Expert Installation

Our team of Tech Ninjas are the best to support your installation and WiFi needs.

TIME Internet Personal Plans

We use the internet for every single thing, even for the simplest of things. It is one of the most important things to have to survive these days because everything and almost everyone is on the internet. It would not be possible for us to do work, continue studying or any other important things if we have no internet connection and we might get left out as well as we get most of the important information about what is happening in the world through social media platforms and to access those, we need to have an internet connection.

And TIME internet will be the perfect choice for you in Malaysia!

We use the internet to buy things and food too, which is very convenient especially during these trying times where going out is not advisable. It helps you connect with your family and friends no matter how far apart you are with them. Thankfully, the internet is easily accessible most of the time in our country but sometimes some areas can mess with your internet connection and that will end up with you having no way to use any of your social media or use any communication applications as they all require an active internet connection for you to send and receive messages.

TIME Internet: Gets You Through The Day

We can see how the internet has been helping the world right now in terms of always keeping us informed and making us aware about the issues and the dangers that are out there so we can protect ourselves and take action. It also helps the government to keep us informed about the progress of how the country is dealing with COVID.

Being stuck at home for months is no fun but at least with the internet, we could entertain ourselves by watching movies, TikTok, youtube videos, listening to music, going on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram which is always entertaining and a lot more to keep us busy and not as bored as we would have been without an internet connection.

To summarise it, the internet is a necessity for everyone in today’s age, it is a human’s right as no one can survive without the help of the internet these days as our jobs and our studies and connections depend on it. This is why you need to make sure you invest in a really good internet service provider.

TIME Plans

When you are at home, no doubt you would want your internet connection to be stable at all TIMEs and for you to be able to use it no matter where you are inside the house and no matter how many people are using the internet, you would still be able to use it as you normally would. TIME internet plan in Malaysia offers three personal packages and one of them must be what would suit you and your house situation and what you might be looking for!

RM99: 100Mbps

The first package is RM99 per month with a download speed of 100mbps. This is recommended for a house of 2-4 people who only use the internet for light streaming and work, assignments and such. The contract for this package is for 24 months so 2 years. If you are to choose this package, great news! There is a promotion! You will get a free one month for a selected building. With this package comes the TIME Voice Home Basic package as well which just means you pay-per-use. Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

RM129 x 24 months (RM139): 500Mbps

The second TIME broadband package is RM139 per month but there is a discount! So it is RM99 for the first 3 month and with a download speed of 500mbps. No worries, there is a promotion for this package as well. Do take note that for this TIME fibre package, the discount is only applicable for the first three months of your subscription and then back to the original price after those three months. You will also get TIME Voice Home Lite by subscribing to this package. TIME Voice Home Lite consists of RM2.50 per month, free 30 minutes per month and a free DECT phone that is worth RM149. It is a pretty good deal.

RM149 x 6 months (RM199) + FREE MESH WIFI: 1Gbps

The third and last of the personal packages TIME fibre Malaysia is offering is RM189 per month with a download speed of 1gbps an! This is the right plan if you are a gamer and you use multiple devices at once for gaming purposes. You will also get RM10 off each month for 24 months, the same as the second package. This package also offers TIME Voice Home Max which consists of RM10 per month, free 300 minutes per month and like the TIME Voice Home Lite, a free DECT phone that is worth RM149. The router model we’ll provide for this TIME fibre home broadband plan is Mesh Router TP Link EC440.

These plans are only available for our customers who subscribed to the 24-months contract plan and are both subject to a 24-months contract term. Entitlement of free minutes for these plans is renewable monthly and can’t be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon full utilisation of free minutes.

You should also know that voice calls are charged at a rate of 10 cents per minute to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide.and 8 cents per minute for IDD calls to 60 countries!

So why TIME fibre broadband?

TIME has the fastest speeds, why waste your TIME with slower speeds? Get up to 1gbps with TIME now! TIME is also 100% fibre, only a full-fibre network can truly ensure higher speeds and better stability. TIME also has seamless connectivity. Get TIME’s WiFi Booster for a strong signal anywhere in your home. Lastly, TIME offers expert installation. TIME’s team of tech ninjas are the best to support your installation and WiFi needs.

We also provide the perfect TIME broadband package for businesses as well!
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